Valuation & Vetting Services

Functioning in today’s dynamic business environment can be successful only when you move ahead with smart strategies. While sometimes you can manage the process on your own, at other times there is an inevitable need of a third party to give your business that extra edge. Valuation of movable & immovable’s and tangibles & intangible assets time to time are essential ingredients for success of constant growth in human life. BCS therefore provides & arrange valuation vetting services & TEV Reports for any kind of tangible & intangible assets & wealth.

Our success in the industry is a result of having a research-backed system that is continuously updated in tandem with the market trends and requirements of clients. Our focus remains on efficient resource utilization and enrichment of manpower while continuously improvising to serve the challenging needs of the market through qualitative services provided by us. These includes:

Tangible Assets

  • Valuation & Vetting of Already valued by someone for the any kind of immovable’s like Land, Building, under earth treasures, heritage assets, historical monuments etc.
  • Valuation & vetting of movables include all types of furniture, fixtures, antiques, jewellery, Plant & machinery, agricultural produce, inventory & stocks, Advances & receivable with its realizability factors, shares & securities, old manuscripts, ancient remains, Intra Country Debt Valuation etc.

Intangible Assets

Valuation & vetting services of Goodwill, Brand, Trade marks, Copyrights, patents, ideas, all kind of arts, Ties & knot, Collaborations, Software Valuation etc.

Authentication service include cross verification of any result or reports already held with clients.